Hogfish Filets-1 lb




All of the fish we sell are sourced directly from fishermen and spearfishermen in the Florida Keys, ensuring the highest level of freshness. Our fish are harvested and packaged in the Keys , allowing you to enjoy the peak of freshness and flavor. By purchasing fish from us, you can support local fishermen and spearfishermen working in the Florida Keys community.



Hogfish is a specimen that’s very uniquely tied to the Florida Keys. In fact, unless you’ve visited or lived in South Florida, it’s very likely you’ve never really heard of this fish before. And if you’ve never heard of hogfish, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Many culinary chefs look to serve hogfish in their restaurants because the quality of the fish is beyond that of others. Hogfish possesses the perfect combination of texture and flavor. And this is because they are sweeter than grouper, as rich as scallops, and are also flakier than mahi mahi.